We Turn Your Dreams Into Floating Realities

We Turn Your Dreams Into Floating Realities

Floating Docks

BulDock Modular HDPE Floating Docks System

is the right fit for you. We offer reliable and environmentally-friendly high-quality docking solutions. Our systems are easy to install, resistant to UV rays, chemicals, weather conditions and collision and can be assembled in virtually any size and shape.

BulDock exists to bring your “floating” concept alive!

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The Floating Piers By Christo

BulDock’s team was globally recognized!

“The New York Times” named Christo’s installation “The Floating Piers” at Lake Iseo among the most influential art pieces of 2016.

The Floating Piers

BulDock modular system is easy to assemble and can satisfy any client’s need. The cubes can be used to construct marinas, residential docks, floating pools and other water-related structures. They can be implemented in both industrial and art projects.
World-renowned artist, Christo, selected BulDock’s modular docking system to execute his enormous installation “The Floating Piers” at Lake Iseo in Italy (2016). He chose our products after extensive tests ensuring their exceptional quality and utmost security. BulDock’s team was commissioned to manufacture, assemble and install the entire floating structure.

It took 4 months, 226,000 BulDock cubes and 220 5-ton anchors to bring Christo’s art vision to life. The 3.2 km-long installation was on display for 16 days and was visited by more than 1.2 million people. BulDock delivered a “floating reality” that realized Christo’s vision of making people “walk on water”. “The Floating Piers” was a modern masterpiece that created new understanding of the idea of water bodies and also affirmed that creating any form of floating structure is now possible.